Environmental SARS-CoV-2 testing
Environmental SARS-CoV-2 testing for enterprise customers


solutions to global

scale problems

Track, trace and authenticate products through the supply chain with our microbial tags.

Product benefits

Bring the power of biotech into your supply chain

Protect product integrity
Ensure product integrity

Identify product origin, embed certifications, and uncover adulteration.

Reduce waste
Increase efficiency

Improve supply chain transparency, quality, accountability - and reduce waste.

Price products accurately
Price more accurately

Price goods accurately according to their geographic (or other) origins by tagging them at source.

Limit recalls
Limit recalls

Limit legal, financial and brand exposure by precisely identifying specific microbially-encoded batches.

Protect your brand equity
Protect your brand

Microbes with custom-encoded DNA cannot be faked, providing an extra layer of protection against counterfeiting.

Improve Sustainability
Champion sustainability

A more efficient, accountable supply chain is kinder to the planet and is what customers demand.

Aanika’s custom tracer microbes are...



Immutable   Invisible   Odorless   Heat & UV Resistant   

Stable   Invisible   Odorless   Heat & UV resistant   Secure   

Stable   Invisible   Odorless   Heat & UV resistant   Secure   

Stable   Invisible   Odorless   Heat & UV resistant   Secure   


Safe   Edible   Tasteless   Customizable   Indestructible   

Safe   Edible   Tasteless   Customizable   Indestructible   

Safe   Edible   Tasteless   Customizable   Indestructible   

Aanika Technology
Our science

Bridging the gap between biology and the digital world

All living creatures contain billions of bits of information within their biomolecules. At Aanika, we leverage nature to generate endless combinations of biological tags.

Our tags are safe and edible but can withstand the harshest of conditions, providing customers with information when and where they need it most.

“We leverage the power of biotechnology to build a more transparent future.”

Dr. Ellen Jorgensen
CSO @ Aanika
Industry applications

Infinite possibilities for
next-generation supply chains

Agriculture industry

Applying the Aanika system to crops and foodstuffs guarantees quality, improves sustainability, and helps detect adulteration.

Minerals industry

Our custom microbial tags can be applied at extraction to enable geographic identification and provenance-based pricing.

Pharma industry

Anika's microbial tags can identify genuine drugs, protect patents, and help reduce knockoffs in the market.

Retail industry

Add an extra anti-counterfeiting dimension to niche and designer products - and validate their authenticity.
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