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The Aanika system helps you access granular product information, from even the most complex areas of the supply chain. This can help mitigate risk, ensure authenticity, adhere to certification standards and increase efficiency.

Emerging applications

Track, trace, and

Protect product integrity
Verify sources

Aanika’s tagging system lets you know exactly where your raw materials came from. Materials which are tagged at source can be checked to confirm their origins at any point in your supply chain.

Reduce waste
Authenticate products

With Aanika’s microbial tags the proof is inside the product itself, not outside on the box. You can add a checkpoint at any part of your supply chain to protect your business from imposters.

Price products accurately
Assure quality

Dilution, adulteration and contamination threaten all supply chains. Aanika scientists have developed ways to quantify tags, letting you know if a product has been diluted and if untagged material has been added to it.

Limit recalls
Limit recalls

Infinite tag customization means that separate batches can have their own tags. Should products need to be recalled, this can be done precisely, limiting your financial, legal and reputational exposure.

Protect your brand equity
Mine useful data

Aanika’s tagging system enables a deep dive into what’s actually happening throughout your supply chain and can be coupled with a back-end system that gives  you new insights to help reduce costs.


Protection across the cycle

Transparent supply chains mean better quality and more accountability, across the board. Everyone is protected from inferior goods, waste and dishonesty - with new information that empowers us all to make better decisions.

Aanika Solutions

01 For businesses

Reduce the risk of recalls. Reduced costs. Increase efficiency. Ensure authenticity. Adhere to certification standards. Price more accurately. Champion sustainability. Increase brand equity.

02 For consumers

Access to more information. Make better and healthier purchasing decisions. Trust the products they buy. Feel more empowered as consumers.

03 For the planet

Less waste from wide recalls or dumping of inferior quality goods. Businesses and customers can easily identify sustainable options. Trusted, sustainable products produce less pollution.

Custom solutions

Let’s chat about your unique needs and challenges.

Our team will work with yours to co-develop a bespoke end-to-end solution for your supply chain. This will include integrating Aanika tag application into your existing processes, quick and simple tag readout, and customized information output presented in a format that is most useful to your business.