Our science


The biomolecules in all living creatures contain billions of bits of information. At Aanika, we leverage biological capability with technology to capture an endless variety of digitally-encoded information in our microbial tags.

Our microbial tags can contain information like point of origin, percentage dilution and other attributes. And they can go where traditional bar codes can’t - into and onto products like grains, fruit and vegetables, and more.

Naturally packaged and virtually indestructible

To make our tags, we use microbes that form a natural, protective capsule that is resistant to extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions. It’s a perfect container for your vital information, a biological “barcode”. safely enclosed in nature’s perfect packaging.

Applying Aanika

Simple and easy to apply

The Aanika system can be used to contain whatever digital information you require. Our microbial tags are colorless, odorless and will not affect product attributes. Application is simple and can be incorporated seamlessly into the supply chain processes.

Each batch contains a unique identifier and can be easily:

Misted onto dry goods.
Added to liquid products.
Easy to apply biological tags


Only tiny amounts needed.


Common and naturally occuring microbes.


Trust and safety for pennies per pound.


Tags cannot be copied or altered.

Custom solutions

Let’s chat about your unique needs and challenges

We can tailor the Aanika system to meet the needs of almost any supply chain. This includes a variety of readout methods depending on the application, speed and volumes required.

In addition, we can provide actionable data to help make faster, more informed supply chain decisions.